Undeniable musical chemistry, catchy melodies, pumping rhythms, euphoric happiness and nordic melancholy combined with enchanting spirit and honest acoustic sound!!! Sofia&Aleksi is an acoustic pop/rock -duo from Germany. Their repertoire includes a wide variety of pop/rock-covers from the early 60s to the newest chart hits of today! Nevertheless, Sofia and Aleksi are not only restricted to cover-music, but they also write their own songs. This duo will amaze you with their emotion, pure creativity and rock solid talent.




Information for the Concert-organizer:

We need a mixer with four channels: two microphones for the vocals and two channels for our guitars. We connect our guitars straight(line-in) into the mixer without any microphones.


Pulsierende Rhythmen und lebhafte Melodien! Das Newcomer-Duo „Sofia&Aleksi“ verbindet ehrliche Akustikklänge mit individuellen Interpretationen moderner Popeinflüsse, was deren Sound unverwechselbar macht. Nostalgische Folk-Texte erzählen Geschichten und berichten von Erlebnissen die keiner verpassen sollte. Lasst euch entführen in einer Welt, in der nordische Melancholie auf unbestreitbare Lebensfreude trifft!